Altair is a Turkey-based technology-focused ENG software development firm, Altair was founded in 18.12.2013. It provides cost-effective, integrated and innovative IT solutions to stakeholders in the defense industry through an infrastructure built on new-generation and modern technologies.

We can easily adapt to changing client needs and provide clients with custom solutions on various platforms thanks to our modern and flexible infrastructure, which incorporates new technologies available in the IT field.

Our company, with its internationally-experienced and results-focused team, is committed to delivering on time and without compromising on quality.

We provide added value to end-user clients by adhering to internationally accepted standards when it comes to the software development process, our analytic approach and quest for solutions based on advanced technologies.

Our company has been focused the creation of infrastructure with the participation of experienced engineers and as a result of this work Altair has been certified with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System. Also, Altair, developed its software development and system engineering processes in accordance with PMI regulations and on going projects are implemented according to these processes.

Altair was founded in 18.12.2013



Solutions that create competitive advantage by keeping and efficiency of the services we provide to our customers without sacrificing quality and uninterrupted service,


In certain areas, use and timely and complete technological solutions that increase productivity by saving time in real life by offering after-sales support ensuring the continuity of customer satisfaction with services by preferred, reliable, and of a recognized quality manufacturer.