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Today's world, becauseof higher complexity of systems, responsible departments must fulfill regular maintenance, often requiring thousands of document pages to be processed, tracked and retained for service, warranty and compliance purposes. Additionally, to maintain a ready-fleet and comply with international regulations, the responsible organizations also must keep accurate records of configuration changes, modifications, and maintenance procedures for each vessel. On the other hand, the captains decision makers needs to know the status of the systems subsystems (machinery system, propulsion system, electric system, etc.) and any entities on-board to get better situational awareness at any time.

Altair's response for the challenges stated above is the "Maintage-Marine Maintenance Management System" which is a configuration based computerized maintenance management solution. Maintage-Marine leverages International Standards to optimize the quality, efficiency and consistency of ship maintenance.

Maintage-Marine provides end-to-end integrated logistics support solution for the stake holders Maintage-Marine provides a single view of the entire fleet through visual attributes for the decision makers at various levels, ranking from high level (strategic) to operational level. It is also possible to monitor the status, due maintenance requirements and due items of all owned assets on sea platform. Through Maintage-Marine capabilities, a clear visibility is provided for the vessels and the sub systems.

Maintage solution provides the following:

  • Maintenance Management
  • Work Order Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Maintenance Planning
  • Inventory Management
  • Calibration Control
  • Analysis & Reporting
  • Maintenance Costing
  • Technical Document Attachment
  • Fleet Dashboard
  • Mobile Device Support

Maintage MARINE Advantages

Maintage-Marine capabilities

Besides monitoring the status of equipment, any information considered as fault can be created as a work order. Through integrated functions encapsulated within Maintage-Marine, fault isolation procedures are provided. Using this capability, the on-board maintenance personnel can plan, monitor and perform the unscheduled maintenance repair activities. All the data recorded collected from operational maintenance level are populated within the database and can be used on further reporting analyzing and dashboard applications.

The defining, executing and monitoring the scheduled maintenance activities (operation based, calendar-based, or event-based) for vessels and subsystems are the key issues in extending the asset life cycle effectively.

In order to provide above mentioned maintenance functionalities; personnel master data, engineering management, materials management, configuration management, including task manhour, tool, supply and spare part requirement, periodicity are all utilized in Maintage-Marine, as described at the following items:

  1. Maintenance oriented personnel management, which corresponds to; Personnel, Personnel Skills Categories, Skill Levels, Shift and Schedule definitions, hierarchical location, department and department capability definitions.
  2. Engineering Management: This category includes the definition and management of the core entities within the system. Maintenance tasks and procedures definitions, product system, subsystem, unit assembly definitions, main equipment, component definitions.
  3. Materials management, which at its core corresponds to; Inventory parts information management, tracked items, serially controlled items, support equipment, spare and supply parts, support of inventory control procedures such as reservation and return of parts required for maintenance and tracking of part movements.
  4. Configuration Management; Ship template and actual configuration management capabilities, where the logical assembly of tracked items is managed within a tree data structure, serial part assignments and removals on an actual configuration are also tracked.

Within the explained capabilities, Maintage-Marine solution improves the scheduled and unscheduled maintenance tasks' productivity, and also speeds up the release of new maintenance tasks and procedures, and enables maintenance departments to quickly import, edit, review and approve all necessary service bulletins, and engineering change notices. Maintage-Marine solution also helps engineers and technicians to efficiently plan, perform and document intenance on ships, engines and components with the highest level of quality and consistency. Managing vehicle maintenance is a complex activity that involves matching a dynamic list of maintenance work requirements against finite resources (e.g. labor, materials, equipment, tools) within an established or changing mission schedule.

These challenges are complicated further by the shifting of requirements to meet the ever changing location of vehicle, and by the significant time pressure to meet the operation requirements. Personnel in the maintenance organization must be able to make decisions quickly, and have as much information as possible at their disposal to ensure that these decisions are timely and appropriate to conditions, without compromising the safety and operation performance.

Using the web and other progressive technologies, Maintage-Marine provides a single solution for maintenance activities, as well as the supporting functions of engineering and materials management. The system offers dynamic configuration management and maintenance workflow capabilities, as well as integration with ERP and other information systems. Maintage-Marine has a modern architecture and provides advanced capabilities such as web deployment, automated workflow, dashboard, and support for mobile devices.

Configuration Management:

MAINTAGE's Configuration Management capability provides total visibility into the status and history of all assets, including vessel, propulsion, assemblies, and components. The system records all data, such as usage hours, cycles, malfunctions, and maintenance actions.

MAINTAGE performs this by:

Capturing all transaction information at the \"point of maintenance\" to assure that configuration and maintenance data are kept in near real-time. Defining the allowable configurations of assets and enforcing these \"rules of attachment\" at the time that maintenance is scheduled.

MAINTAGE provides complete management of birth-todeath component records. Such capability ensures full management of a part's serviceability from the time it enters the inventory; reducing non-compliance by alerting when time or life expires, and ensuring that a part has been made serviceable before it returns to service.

Maintage-Marine Fleet Dashboard

The collected information is tabulated to decision makers through visual attributes, indicating vessel status (including systems subsystems and all assets on-board), and using colored symbols. This information also includes due maintenance activities, the reasons for not operation ready status, supportability status etc.

This capability enhances ship captains decision makers' situational awareness in great amount. This summarized information can also be used as an input to decision Support Systems for future growth.

Collecting valuable data regarding logistics supportability, MAINTAGE can function as operation planning and monitoring support tool in this sense, as it combines the maintenance and operational status of owned assets for effective management.

Key Benefits

  •  It is easy to use with minimal learning curve and intuitive interface
  • Monitoring the status of the sub tasks concerning the ship maintenance processes
  • Tracing the implementation of Service Bulletins for the ships owned
  • Monitoring the maintenance costs
  • Monitoring the status of Life Limited Parts of the ships
  • Monitoring the status of due maintenance activities
  • Tracking the stock levels
  • Detailed Product Breakdown Structure
  • Ease of access to maintenance history data
  • Near Real-time maintenance reporting
  • Specific configuration filtering
  • Dashboard functions
  • Work Order management
  • Workflow management
  • Role based access control security
  • Information flow to ERP, and the other systems
  • Web based, platform and database independant solution
  • Mobile device support
  • Flexibility to fit your environment
  • Comprehensive and depth of functionality
  • Modern and robust architecture, with failover and scalability assuring high availability
  • Cost-Effective maintenance management
  • Single view of the entire fleet through visual attributes
  • Improved maintenance efficiency
  • Improved operation safety
  • Inventory optimization
  • Increased fleet operational availability
  • Improved planning
  • Gathering and sharing maintenance data among the stakeholders
  • Reduced management overhead
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